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Aluminium WPC Board 25*150mm

Item No.: TWAL 30-100
FOB Price: $ 8.99-9.99 /m
Section Size: 30*100mm 
FOB Port: Wuhu, Nanjing or Shanghai
Min.Order Quantity: 100 sqm
Payment Terms: T/T, DP or LC

Quick Details

Weight :  2 kgs/m                       Surface treatment   :  Sanded
Brand  : Toowin™                        Technical standard :  EN15534-2017
Color   : 8 colors or customized                        Warranty                 :   15 Years

 The kind of composite board is called aluminium WPC Composite board, which is made from WPC material with aluminium core by the new co-extrusion technology.

Board Width: 100mm
Board Thickness: 30mm

Board Length: 2m, 2.2, 2.5, 2.9, 3m, 3.66m (12ft), 4m, 4.88m (16ft), 5m, 5.8m.
Advised length is 2.9m or 5.8m

Application: Pergola beam, fence, Wall cladding, rails and other structural components.

Other available sizes of aluminium products:

Model No. Section Size   Model No. Section Size
TWAL 30-50 30 X 50mm   TWAL 30-100 30 X 100mm
TWAL 45-100 45 X 100mm   TWAL 33-103 33 X 103mm
TWAL 28-126 28 X 126mm   TWAL 35-150 35 X 150mm
TWAL 50-150 50 X 150mm   TWAL 97-97 97 X 97mm
TWAL 150-150            150 X 150mm                 TWAL 205-250       205 X 250mm

Why Aluminium WPC composite board?


1) Improve the WPC physical safety performance. Currently WPC is composite material, which belongs to the decorative material, and cannot be used in structural components, Therefore, aluminum WPC composite products have achieved direct application as structural components, further expanding the application range of WPC products.


2) Saving the installation cost and steps. Traditionally, in order to improve WPC performance, metal products such as iron are often inserted and fixed with screws during installation, resulting in a complex installation process and increased costs. However, aluminum WPC composite products are completed in one go during production.
3) Keeping consistency with other WPC products in same project, such color, surface treatment, etc. Currently, WPC is becoming more and more popular. Due to the characteristics of WPC, many WPC projects require the combination of metal products. However, these non-WPC products have significant differences in color, surface treatment, and other aspects compared to whole WPC products, resulting in overall unattractive and coordinated appearance. Aluminum WPC composite products have WPC on the surface, achieving perfect consistency in the overall project.
4) Making aluminum products more wood nature. Due to the characteristics of metal materials, aluminum products are widely used. In order to make aluminum products more natural, aluminum products are often sprayed or coated with wood texture for woody feeling. However, the actual effect of the product is relatively large. Because WPC is wood like, aluminum WPC composite products keeps wood nature, but better.
5) Improving the thermal insulation of aluminum materials. Aluminum products are subject to rapid changes in surrounding temperature and do not have insulation properties. On the other hand, aluminum WPC composite products have a surface that is a combination of plant fibers and plastics, which is less sensitive to changes in surrounding temperature and therefore has a certain degree of insulation properties.